HR77 Class Committee for Get Back 4.5



The Class Committee works to connect members of the Class of '77 to Harvard and each other via communication, participation, volunteerism and giving.  They have been at work since early July 2021 to attend to every detail of our Get Back 4.5 Reunion.  


With eternal thanks and appreciation:


Carol Robey and Laurence Golding, Co-chairs


Cynthia Cardon

T.K. Chang

Alison Clarkson

John Crocker

Kathleen DeBoer*

Russ Eisenstat

Karen Firestone

Roz Anderson Flood

Nathaniel Foote

Edith Freedman

Kitty Gormley

Ruth Hayes

Pam Hogan

Elizabeth Houghteling

Tom Janes

Debi Korzenik

Lois Rosenberg Kugler

Peter Lerangis

John Paul MacDuffie

Cynthia McCallister

Diana McDonald

Scott Mead

Suna Murray

Andree Pages

        Michael Payne

        Regina Pisa

        David Poor

        Andrea Postlethwaite Riedy

        Brian Rogers

        Dan Rothstein

        Andrew Snyder*

        Joan Soble

        Alex Tilt

        Joanie Warner

        Angus West


    (* deceased)