Next Chapters -- Stories 4.5

Are you a writer, painter, filmmaker, musician, or other creator?

We’re delighted to announce the official launch of HR77 Stories 4.5! This video showcase is a way for classmates to share their creative work, thoughts and feelings in the leadup to the reunion.

The videos have just started coming in: from a compilation of photos taken during the pandemic lockdown, to the story of a classmate who started dancing in her 60s, to a short film made for a Smithsonian exhibition. Each offers a meaningful window into the amazing breadth of talents, interests, and experiences represented by our classmates.

Please take a look at the initial submissions at and password “JohnHarvard1977”. We hope you’ll be inspired to submit your own video!











Share your passion with classmates through our Stories 4.5 video showcase by submitting a 3- to 6-minute video, plus a short, written introduction telling the story behind your work. For more information, instructions  or questions, contact:


The Next Chapters Stories 4.5 team,

Pam Hogan,

Roz Flood Anderson,

Andrea Postlethwaite Riedy,