Longitudinal Study Survey


An invitation from Alison Clarkson and the HR77 Longitudinal Study team


As part of our extended 45th Reunion activities, we invite you to participate in Wave 8 of our Class of 1977 Longitudinal Study.


  • Please look for an email and submit your responses -- From: 45th Reunion, with Subject: An Invitation from Alison Clarkson and the HR’77 Longitudinal Study Team.
  • For those who cannot find the email or respond electronically, have difficulty accessing the electronic version, or have other questions about the study, please contact Russ Eisenstat at  reisenstat@higherambition.org, or leave a message at 978-828-3848.
  • We would appreciate your completing the survey as soon as you can, so that we have enough time to analyze the data. The deadline for submitting the survey is Monday, May 2.
  • The survey should take 30-45 minutes to complete online. We think you will find it time well spent. 


The survey provides a special opportunity to pause and reflect on life-- past, present and future-- along with your classmates. We have reached an important inflection point in our shared journey together—when we have reached the Medicare/Social Security years according to the government -- and face real choices as to how we craft the Next Chapters in our lives.


Other Harvard-Radcliffe reunion classes do one-off surveys, but we are the only class since 1936 to produce a Longitudinal Study of such academic significance. This will be the eighth installment of our study which we hope to continue as long as there are members of our class able to respond.  


Whether this is your first time contributing, or you have filled out the survey in the past, your input will be of great value. The more of us who respond, the richer the research will be. 


In addition to repeated questions that enable us to track the class over time, we have added questions to allow us to reflect on:

  • The impact of Covid
  • Our changing priorities and commitments around work and life
  • Coming to terms with aging and mortality
  • The role of spirituality and religion in our lives
  • The lasting imprint of our Harvard/Radcliffe years

We will present the survey results at our reunion in June, and also will provide opportunities for you to discuss in small groups the topics most significant to you.


The HR77 Longitudinal Study team 

Alison Clarkson, Russ Eisenstat and John Paul MacDuffie