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Get Back 5.0, June 1-5, 2027





Visit our HR77 Get Back 4.5 Photo Booth to see a collection of classmate pictures from the Reunion, sorted by event. You will need your Harvard Key to access it (for assistance




     Engage in future HR77 Get Back activities as we move toward our 50th reunion


  • Continue to visit our HR77 website for updates and announcements.
  • View Zoom Gathering recordings of any rpre-reunion or Saturday, June 4th sessions you missed.
  • If you have not yet done so, please submit your input to the Longitudinal Survey, being emailed this summer. An updated report will be made available to the Class in September along with a Zoom meeting to present the results.
  • Visit Stories 4.5 Vimeo Showcase to reflect on the ways our classmates express themselves creatively. And please consider adding y9ur own video about what motivates you
  • Follow topic-specific webpages of Next Chapters in our Society, under the Program tab — for continued engagement opportunities.
  • Participate in future Personal Reflection Zoom Gatherings about Next Chapters in Our Lives.
  • Join our Get Social HR 77 Facebook page for classmate news.


      HAVE fun!



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Get Back 4.5 Store - Until 6/18. Click HERE for swag.


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