Next Chapters - Addressing Climate Change


Making a Difference on Climate Change


Reading and Resources: see below


Next Event:

 -- Classmate-led presentations and discussions, Saturday, June 4th 4:10-5:30pm


The event is organized by ’77 Classmates Peter Dunn and David Gardiner, former Executive Director of the White House Climate Change Task Force in the Clinton Administration. Facilitation volunteers for the April 28 event include Michael Banks, Bill Chapman, Carol Fisler, Nathaniel Foote, John Fox, Deborah Gans, Caroline (Callie) Hancock, Ruth Hayes, Pam Hogan, Peter Patton, Michael Payne, Philip Sheldon, Joan Soble, Mark Taylor, and Peter Tovar. We are still looking for facilitation volunteers. If you are interested, please email


Without major changes, human actions are forecast to cause global warming and catastrophic consequences.  Many of us are deeply concerned; some of us are already taking actions while others are wondering how to get involved.

During this session, brief presentations will be shared about the four climate-related topics identified as most important in our recent class interest survey—

  • the roadmap to stabilize the climate,
  • energy options,
  • the impact of policy changes,
  • and ways we personally and collectively can make a difference.

Then we will have the opportunity to hear what actions some of us are already taking, and to discuss how we can best engage at the reunion in June and beyond to address this most pressing issue.


Optional Background Reading and Slack Website Resources


We have created a Slack web site with multiple channels enabling access to common resources, the ability to share ideas and feedback about the April and June events and more.  Here is the link.


For optional background reading on recommended books and chapters on Climate Change, click:

Our hope is that we can use this meeting and the June meeting to find a way for classmates to work together going forward to optimize our impact on climate change and enjoy each other’s company along the way.


Please check out this link to the Harvard Alumni for Climate and the Environment. This is a community that embraces all Harvard Alumni, and supports ongoing information sharing, connections and the exchange of ideas.


Finally, please also explore the following website and application that helps us understand and improve our carbon footprint and support broader change.  This app has been tailored to enable the class of ’77 to share collective learning and progress on our climate change actions and community engagement.

Within a week or two this link may be simplified to:  https://climateactionharvard77


Thanks for your time and support on this topic that will affect the world for generations.