hr77-45-logo-final    Pre-Reunion Regional Gatherings -

   RSVP to Seattle on May 7, 2022  

   Get Back 4.5 continues into early Spring with gatherings in Seattle.

   Come take those memories out for a spin AGAIN!



Reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. All events are open to all members of the class. Spouses/guests are cordially welcome. These are NOT fundraising events. They are run and funded entirely by fellow classmates for the pure pleasure of your company.


Seattle/Pacific Northwest – May 7, 2022

Hosted by: Dan Taylor.

Location: 8114 SE 74th Place, Mercer Island    WA [RSVP here]


  • Afternoon Cocktails, Appetizers and Conversation
  • Home of Dan and Suellen Taylor
  • Indoors and outdoor deck
  • Casual and comfy (bring some layers for the deck)
  • Masks optional based on your comfort level
  • Buffet with variety of hot and cold hors d'oeuvres
  • Wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks
  • Easy and convenient parking in the neighborhood



A BIG THANK YOU to all the classmates who hosted and sponsored the November 2021 PRGs!


Event Coordinators


Kathleen DeBoer* and Andrea Postlethwaite Riedy




Karen Bromberg Firestone



John Challenger

Eric Larson

Chicago / Midwest


Henry Mueller

Fairfield / Westchester


Marcy Shaffer

Russell Meyer

Los Angeles / San Diego

John Spritz



Joe Tripodi

Miami / Palm Beach


Lisa Popick Blum

New Mexico


Laurence Golding

Stephen Younger

New York City

Steven Mullin

Philadelphia / Princeton


Abby Homans Wilder

San Francisco Bay Area


Dan Taylor

Seattle / Pacific Northwest


Mark Howe

Washington DC Metropolitan Area




Thomas Barrette

Carrie Minot Bell

James Berkman

Charles Coolidge

Nathaniel Foote

Renee Landers

Ann Minois

Suna Murray

Michael Payne

Robert Peabody

Carol Robey

Karen Rosenkrantz

Nunzi Sapuppo

Joan Soble

George Ticknor



Charles Bergen

Diane Lauderdale

Scott Meadow

Anna Maria Storniolo

James Thomas

Chicago / Midwest


Claudia Alleyne

Mary Emerson



Michael Gisser

Carla Hall

Dawn Hudson

Marc Guren

Brad Jones

Los Angeles / San Diego


Ross Johnston

Alexander Tilt

Miami / Palm Beach


Lani Desaulniers

Lisa Oppenheimer

New Mexico


David Bronston

Kathleen DeBoer

Andrew Frackman

Pamela Hogan

Peter Homans

Deborah Korzenik

James Lavin

Ruth Liebmann

Jennifer Marre

Henry Mueller

Thomas Phillips



David Poor

Alex Tilt

Joan Warner

New York City


Rozlyn Anderson Flood

Arlin Green

Julia Klein

Philadelphia / Princeton


Gordon Atkinson

Rob Bunzel

Edward Diao

Fung Lam

Felicia Marcus

San Francisco Bay Area


Teresa Barger

Travis Brown

Kathleen DeBoer

David Gardiner

Allegra Hamman

Victoria Judson

Kevin Kallaugher

Bill Maroni

Andrea Postlethwaite Riedy

Washington DC