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 Not able to make it to the Reunion in-person? 

Your Reunion Programming Team has lots of Get Back activities

to help you get in the groove during our 45th reunion, June 3-5

[And see the end to view previous Zoom Gatherings you missed this spring]


Opportunities for Remote Participation, Saturday June 4th

We understand that not everyone can make it to the Get Back 4.5 Reunion in Cambridge, June 2-5.  Since last year, we have been offering ways to allow on-line engagement. For those who are interested, we are providing remote access to several Next Chapter in-person programming events that are scheduled for Saturday, June 4th. In order to participate, you will not need to register for the reunion itself.   See below for detail on and how to participate in each event.

On Saturday, June 4th, there are several opportunities to join Next Chapter programming from afar. Note that sessions are in overlapping timeslots:

9:00–10:30 am                Longitudinal Study Results

2:30–5:30 pm                   Zoom Gatherings (to access in-person programs):


2:30 - 3:50pm             Personal Reflections Sessions (1 choice)

                                                  Strengthening Democracy

                                                  Promoting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

4:10 - 5:30pm              Personal Reflections Sessions (2 choices)

                                                  Addressing Climate Change


[The below Registration links are not yet available and will be added soon.]


Next Chapters in Our Lives

9:00–10:30am: Results from the Eighth Longitudinal Study

The survey provides a special opportunity to pause and reflect on life-- past, present and future-- along with your classmates. The session will start with a presentation of Longitudinal Survey findings.  The event will then open up to questions – from in-person participants and via Zoom chat from remote classmates. 

We have reached an important inflection point in our shared journey together—when we have reached our Medicare/Social Security year -- and face real choices as to how we craft the Next Chapters in our lives. We will explore together how the arc of our lives has evolved over the last years and decades, including: 

  • How our priorities, commitments and relationships are shifting
  • The extent Covid has changed the game
  • How we are coming to terms with the realities of aging and mortality
  • ...And with all of the above, are we having any fun

HAA will be videoing the presentation for live streaming on the Harvard channel.  We will post instructions on how to access the live stream as the instructions become available.  On the HR77 website, check the Top Hots topics on the home page and the Longitudinal Study Results pull down option, under the Long Study tab.

Personal Reflections

Personal Reflections conversations are small-group discussions around individual issues particularly relevant to us at this stage of life.  All conversations will be confidential and unrecorded. The content and direction of each conversation will be largely determined by classmates participating in them.


2:30-3:40pm Zoom Gathering for Personal Reflections, Coming to Terms with the Realities of Aging and Mortality


4:10-5:30pm Zoom Gathering for Personal Reflections, Coming to Terms with the Realities of Aging and Mortality


4:10-5:30pm Zoom Gathering for Personal Reflection, Session for Bereaved Parents Who Have Lost a Child (a hybrid in-person and Zoom participant session)



Next Chapters in Our Society

Each session is a starts with presentations by classmat es to a combined in-person and Zoom audiencce and then moves into small Zoom breakout discussions with other remote classmates.

2:30-3:50pm Zoom Gathering for Strengthening Democracy

According to the 45th Red Book and our January 2022 class survey, many of us (regardless of our political leanings) see serious if not existential threats to our democratic republic.   The threats have many facets: weak election laws, low civic engagement, hyper-partisanship, fake news, social media, decline in public trust, reduced social mobility, the pressures of globalization, and more.

In the plenary session with both in-person and Zoom participants, we will  discuss what constructive actions we can take, individually and collectively.  All participants will receive a resource guide recommending organizations you can join or support that do effective work to protect and strengthen democracy. Zoom partiticpants will then join breakout conversations, to share perspectives with other Zoom participants. 


2:30-3:50pm Zoom Gathering for Promoting Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

We live in an era of societal disruptions. The effects of climate change, polarization of political perspectives, erosion of democracy, disregard of the rule of law, and increased attacks upon the “other” have shaken the modern world. In the United States, the “other” has usually been people of color, especially African Americans.

In our May 24th Zoom gathering, we showed two videos: one made by classmate Peter Galison about a debate on slavery at Harvard and the other a classic reading from Frederick Douglass. In our breakout sessions, we discussed how we individually and collectively can find solutions to the problem of racism in America. 

In the June 4th session plenary discussion, we will review these ideas, discuss the recent Harvard and The Legacy of Slavery report, on which participants’ thoughts and ideas will be solicited and hopefully discuss:

  • How do we break the repeating, cross-generational cycle of racism and hatred in America? 
  • At this stage of our lives, what are some ways we can individually and collectively make a difference to change things for the better?

Please continue to monitor the DEI program drop down under the HR77 Programming tab for future updates and resources.


4:10-5:30pm Zoom Gathering for Addressing Climate Change

Without major changes, human actions are forecast to cause global warming and catastrophic consequences.  Many of us are deeply concerned; some of us are already taking actions while others are wondering how to get involved.

This session, building on the content of our April 28th HR’77 Zoom Gathering, will focus on the topics that were of the greatest interest to the participants:

  • Recap the technologies and large-scale actions that can help us limit temperature increases to 1.5C degrees.
  • Learn how we can take personal actions to make a difference regarding our own carbon footprint, managing investments and more.
  • Understand what government policies will make the most difference and how we can, individually and collectively, become citizen advocates for policy changes.
  • Explore how our class can work together over time to continue to learn and take action.

It will start with classmate presentations, go into separate in-person and remote Zoom participant breakout conversations, and return for summary discussions. At the conclusion, we will poll both Zoom and in-person participants to gather input and guidance on how we work together going forward, to make a difference.


Previzoom-gatherings-45-yt-channelous Zoom Gatherings

Before the reunion, Zoom Gatherings were held every couple of weeks. Did you miss any of the previous Zoom Gatherings?

You can watch them on our unlisted HR77 45th Reunion YouTube channel.  Each video is approximately an hour.