Covid Guidelines

A number of efforts are in place to address your covid concerns including vaccination requirements, mask wearing, indoor and outdoor settings, and takeout options for meals.

The HR77 Reunion Committee is aware of your potential concerns about attending any event in the era of Covid.

  • As you scroll through the Registration Form, you will see and be required to complete an attestation of compliance with current policies in force in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and at Harvard University.
  • Harvard has asked that all attendees be up to date with COVID vaccines or, if that is not possible, obtain a negative antigen or PCR test within 24 hours of arrival.
  • At your in-person registration, make sure to have your physical or digital vaccination card with you, though a photo of your at-home test or a copy of a medical report will suffice.
  • Of course, you are encouraged to wear a mask as you see fit.
  • To the extent possible, our events will take place in tents, or in buildings with recently upgraded HVAC systems and outside access.
  • While sit-down meals are planned, a “takeout” option will be available to all at each venue.

Andrew Vincent, our Reunion Manager, and his team are prepared to work with you should you feel the need to cancel due to Covid risks.  These refunds are to be requested through the 45th Reunion portal at or by calling 617-496-7001. 

We hope that these precautions and these assurances will help you click through and complete the registration package.


From Harvard/HAA Latest Communications


What precautions is Harvard generally taking during Reunions?

The University’s COVID task force is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and is informing plans for 2022 Commencement, Special Celebrations for the Classes of 2020 and 2021, Reunions, and Harvard Alumni Day. Their most recent community updates are posted here. We will be following their advice for all Harvard Alumni Association sponsored events. For your Reunion, most meals will have outdoor access, and across all Reunions, there will be compostable to-go containers for on-campus meals so that concerned classmates can access outdoor space to eat and return to the events fully masked. We look forward to welcoming you and your classmates back to campus and encourage you to make choices in line with your comfort level.

Will there be vaccination requirements for reunion attendees?

As part of your reunion registration, your classmates have attested to coming to campus either fully vaccinated or with a negative COVID-19 PCR or rapid antigen test taken within one calendar day of their first event(s) on campus. We will not require reunioning alumni and guests to show proof of vaccination or a negative test when they come to campus. We trust that alumni coming to campus will honor the commitment made through their attestation. Please note, there may be off-campus venues requiring proof of vaccination, so we encourage all alumni attending Reunions to carry their vaccination cards with them.

What testing is requested of people attending the reunion?

HAA is sharing the following public health guidance regarding reunion-related events:

  • Test before coming to campus and every day that you have a scheduled event, even if you are not experiencing symptoms. We encourage you to bring tests with you to Cambridge.
  • If you have symptoms, no matter how mild, we ask that you do not attend reunion events—even if you test negative.
  • If you test positive, please do not travel to campus or attend reunion events. After testing positive, adhere to the 5-day isolation guidance. For the full 10 days, follow strict masking and do not drink or dine in proximity to other people.
  • In crowded settings, especially when indoors, we strongly encourage wearing a high-quality mask that fits securely without air gaps around your nose and mouth. Please be prepared that some events may require masking.
  • We are working to move as many events as possible to outside locations with tents. For events that involve unmasking to eat or drink, we suggest you minimize any unmasked mingling and mask up whenever you can. To-go containers will also be provided should you prefer to eat outside.

Will the number of guests I can bring be restricted due to COVID?

You’re welcome to bring guests with you to your Reunion, but your guests must also abide by the University’s COVID safety protocols that are referenced above.

Will I have to wear a mask?

Beginning March 14, 2022, face coverings are optional in most indoor spaces on Harvard’s campus. With the current low positivity rate, and consistent with Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance, Harvard has felt confident letting community members and guests make their own decision about masking in most circumstances. If recommendations from public health officials and medical professionals change, so will our policy. Per the note above, since there are some reunion events taking place off-campus, we encourage all Reunion attendees to always carry a face mask with them.

For events that involve unmasking to eat or drink, we suggest you minimize any unmasked mingling and mask up whenever you can. To-go containers will also be provided should you prefer to eat outside.

What kind of spaces will we be using for reunion events?

We are assigning spaces for your reunion programs that are optimized for your class’s events. Some events will be held indoors, and others will be held outdoors. Each of us controls what steps we can take to protect ourselves. We encourage you and your classmates to make choices that are right for you, including the use of masks and attendance at indoor receptions and meals.

What are the cleaning protocols for on-campus housing?

Cleaning protocols for on-campus housing will follow the most recent CDC facility cleaning and disinfecting guidelines and follow standards set by University leadership and Harvard University Health Services.